26 Best Dating Advice and Best Dating Sites

Best Dating AdviceDear, are you ready to date? This preparation is not just to a very beautiful makeup, put on beautiful clothes! The first date of two people need to pay attention to what you know? What are the things that will make your relationship further, what thing can let you and he say goodbye in advance? Here is some best dating advice for you:

1, Don't too high expectations

You and him the night before the first date, is excited to hotch or happy scratching wall sofa? Don't be fooled! This sentence sounds very disappointing, but it is a good advice: lower your expectations of a first date, even if such appointment process is not very good, you should not be too disappointed; And if the date is going very well, this is a surprise for you!

2, Don't forget to date in many ways

A simple supper at home with him, or to play a video game is a good choice, and go out to eat than to see a movie, maybe this is a way let you better understand his way of dating, the interaction between the two people will become more!

3, Don't choose a place where full of handsome men and beauties

In a cafe Rio and near the cafe is a handsome boy beauty center, wouldn't be so smoothly during the dating process. When you sit face to face with him, you have to hold your line of sight, not near as full of temptation to the magnetic field of the opposite sex, it is a very painful thing! Of course, believe that sit in front of you he wouldn't be very good.

4, Wear flat shoes

Maybe you're thinking, a first date should be beautiful, how can the less high heels? However, the fact is: the first date still wear comfortable shoes! You don't know what your date, maybe talk to two people, so he finally proposed in a walk in the park near your house, you will be rejected? So put on your most comfortable flat shoes, welcome your first date!

5, Sexy underwear equipped

Even if your first date doesn't end with a “passion" approach, wearing sexy lingerie will at least boost your confidence. And if you end up being “passionate, " you don't want your skinny jeans to be a granny panty!

6, Carry the chewing gum

If you are in a romantic atmosphere of the western restaurant for dinner, you gracefully went, and came to the bathroom, only to find that a bunch of things didn't take, dental floss, chewing gum is helpless to the flexible wall? Back to the table, listening to the Ta chit chat with you, but you can only be embarrassed yan mouth smile, this is not a good thing. Don't forget to carry the goods such as chewing gum and dental floss, because he has appeared in front of you may be the next minutes, invite you to a surprise First Date!

7, Let your friends give you a pep talk

If you because of the first date with his nervous, call your good friend is better than to seek to encourage!!!! As your good friend, they never hesitates to your compliments, it also can make you more confident in date!

8, Don't wear too sexy

This is your first date, will not be in the nightclub? So don't wear too sexy, this may let him feel unhappy!

9, Understand once

If you lack of common topic, in the process of date in his information in advance on the dating site will be of great help, may “accidentally" said a video on his Facebook page to open the topic!

10, Don't let him know all your information

Maybe you know his name beginning with your powerful search technology to upside down his personal information, this is not a bad thing, but I still don't let him know the good. Imagine if at the time of your chat, you unconsciously and said to his ex-girlfriend, his favorite band, even five years ago that his funny hair, sitting opposite you I'm afraid he will be you scared to say anything? So, powerful technological flow, put the superhuman abilities hidden!

11, Don't drink too much

Drink some wine may be a good choice but don't get yourself drunk when dating. You drink and crazy behavior is likely to lead to an early end of a potential relationship. You are quiet little lady before drinking, after drunk you queen turned violent, general boy will be away?

12, Don't forget to keep smiling

Maybe your date because of all sorts of “natural disasters" becomes not so pleasant but don't forget to keep the optimistic state of mind in the process of dating. If you're on a date in the day, the weather gets cold, the restaurant is closed, just Ta car is broken, also believe that this time your smile will make the appointment is not so bad.

13, Now is not the time to go on a dictate fear your appetite scare him

So would rather starve ladylike only order a vegetable salad? Don't! Unless you are sure you can count on a bit of food through a night.

14, Don't ask his height

You may see his data shows his height is 178 cm, but after meeting you find that he is only 173 cm, this time never, never questioned his height, in addition, to let him feel embarrassed, your next appointment may also be ruined!

15, He said to behave one want to be on the first date he said since the words

If you don't like the place where you on a date, you can end the date as soon as possible; If you think he gushes of economic theory is boring, you can try to ask questions, and some eye contact to talk with him.

16, Don't make dating complain that moment

Maybe you are experiencing some unpleasant things in life, but don't in the first two people constantly about the frustrating thing about the meeting, the somebody else not to listen to you complain about your nasty boss, your former boyfriend wonky and your homesick old cat.

17, Don't use the psychology analysis your date

If your date is a psychological doctor, is the feeling of doing is to see through? This is not a comfortable feeling, so if you just studied psychology, but never on the first date is out of your professional look at him, not to mention the analysis of Ta on the causes of failure of a relationship.

18, Don't ask too many personal questions

Although you may develop a close relationship, but not now. The first date of two people, or is not appropriate to ask some questions are too personal, similar to want how many children, after the bank how many deposit these problems will only make people feel embarrassed.

19, Don't talk about your ex on your new date

Don't talk about with him your former boyfriend/girlfriend, because you are likely to become the pain when talking of this matter, ruthless or nostalgia, believe each other will not want to see you.

20, Don't ask about his predecessors

But not on the first date when active about your ex, I am afraid, ask him his predecessor, is not a good way to date, because it may cause two people unhappy.

21, Principle problem is important

Two people on the first date development more than the second, third, dating, but gradually find you in view of some important problems with the different opinions, feel very bad? So don't forget to on the first date you adhere to certain principles, this is getting along in the future days only to find that is much better.

22, Don't discuss sex with him

Unless you're going to make love when your first date, otherwise, don't you talking to him about the history of “make love" and “make love habits" this can give each other leave some temptation of suspense, still can save you the next appointment.

23, Don't try to control everything

Give him a chance to see what he got.

24, Learn to refuse

You are dating him but you don't like him, but he wants to chat after the appointment with you to go somewhere else, please put forward bravely refused to! Frankly to say what you think is good for both.

25, Do not rush to add him on Facebook or MSN

Don't rush at the end of your first date will apply to add him as a friend, so can make each other feel you want to investigate or watched his privacy, of course, maybe not so serious, but still wait!

26, Be positive if you feel good

Who says women must be reserved? If after the date you think he is pretty good, want to continue to develop with him, don't just keep the phone when he calls! Girls initiative, will let the boy really admire your courage!

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